Connecting with CuteFTP

If you do not already have a copy of CuteFTP you may download it from

1. Click on the FTP option from the top menu within CuteFTP.


2. Select and click on Connection Wizard


3. Choose your ISP from the list (Other is the most common selection) then click the Next button.

4. Enter a short but descriptive label that identifies the connection. For example: My Domain Name then click the Next button.

5. Enter the FTP host address. This will be (remember to replace with your own domain name) then click the Next button.

6. Enter your username and password. This information can be found in your Activation Letter. Note: Both of these items are CaSe SenSitive. You may also want to click the Mask Password option, which will ensure your password, is shown as stars rather than plain text. After you have made sure the correct username and password have been entered click the Next button.

7. Click the Browse button to select the location of your web page files. This is where you store your pages on your own computer. Once done click the Next button.

8. Click Finish

9. Click on the Site Manager icon.


10, Click once on the label you chose in step 4 to assure the selection is highlighted. Now click on the Edit site button


11. Edit the Initial Remote Directory so that it shows the correct directory path. /big/dom/xdomain/ (remember to replace xdomain with your own domain name for this would be /big/dom/xaota/) Click OK.


12. Again make sure the label for your connection is highlighted and click the Connect button (or simply double click on the label.)


That's it! You are now connected to the server! From here you should be viewing both the directories/files on your computer and the directories/files stored on the server. Your files are shown in the left window while the files on the server itself are shown in the right window.

Notice that just above both the right and left window is the directory path to show you exactly where you are and right above that is a gray or blue bar. The blue bar denotes which computer (yours or the servers) is being worked on. Click a file on either side to see the blue bar move back and forth between the two. Reading the Help files from CuteFTP is the best way to learn how to use the program. This tutorial is simply here to give you a jump-start.

You will find a few directories and files already on the server when you first connect. Below is an image of some of these items.


The directory you will spend the most of your time in is the www directory (the one highlighted in the image). This is where you must upload all of your web files for them to be viewable from a browser. Double click on the www directory to open it. Highlight a file that you would like to upload on the left side (your computer). Now click the upload button.


The image above shows the upload button (when moving files from your computer to the server), the download button (for moving files from the server to your computer, and the refresh button (after making changes you should refresh the side you made changes to).


Next to the directory path (where the blue/gray bar is) is an image of a file folder. Click this image to move back up out of the directory you are in into the directory your current directory is at. ergo, to move up out of the www directory click this button.

Your cgi scripts should go into the cgi-bin directory. The logs_cgi directory is where you will find your cgi error logs and the logs_web directory contains the raw log files used to generate your web site's stats.

Explore and Enjoy!