Publishing With FrontPage 2000

Though Vitual World¨ does not support FrontPage Extensions, for use with the "webbot" components, you are still able to use FrontPage for the development and publishing of your web site. There are also many ways to accomplish the "webbot" features without the extensions. Visit the Pre-Installed Scripts section of to find a few of the alternatives, such as mail forms and counters, already pre-installed on the Vitual World¨ Servers for you. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to publish your web site using FrontPage 2000.

To begin publishing your web page with FrontPage 2000, follow these steps:

1. From the file menu at the top of FrontPage, Click File and then select Publish Web.

2. A new pop-up screen will appear. Click on the Options button.

3. On this screen enter your FTP address or choose Browse. Using the example in the image below, replace that in blue with your domain name, and make sure the %2F is there (shown in red). The rest of the FTP location should look the same as it does in the image below. The path in the image below is showing FrontPage exactly where to upload your files, including which directory.

4. On the same screen select your options as shown below.

5. Once you have verified everything is correct, click on the Publish button.

6. A message will appear alerting you to the fact that the server does not support FrontPage extensions. Click OK.

7. Click Publish a second time.

8. It is now time to enter your account Username and Password
This information is provided within your activation letter and is the same username and password you would use when entering your Command 'n' Control Panel. Once you have entered the correct information, click the OK button.

9. A screen should now appear showing you the progress of the files that are being transferred.

10. And that's it! The program should now let you know that the pages have been published successfully. Click Done.